Monday, 28 November 2016

 Critical Reflection- Effective communication

Throughout this module, I have learn many invaluable communications skills which I think would help me in my future endeavors. This course has given me an opportunity to refine my writing skills through the weekly blog post. I have learn how to avoid misunderstanding by conveying information accurately, and enabling a two-way communication. Learning how to listen actively and to express proper non-verbal cues also allows me to interact with people better.

I have gained a lot of knowledge in the skills that will be important in the workplace and I will keep all the notes that I have been given. I have learnt better presentation skills. Being placed in different groups, I need to interact and work with people of different styles and characters. These experiences are steps to more effective communication with different people for me! 

A component in the module requires us to write a proposal for any improvement in SIT. I feel that this has led me to think critically which I was not used to be, and to be bold to explore new and creative ideas.  Our group was very glad that SIT management had showed interest of our proposal “Implementation of recycling organic waste compound”.

Apart from the skills imparted to me in classroom, I have also learnt indirectly out of the class. The heavy workload is also an opportunity for me to increase my capacity as I learnt how to plan my work properly in order to meet the deadlines

I believe that the efforts that I have put into these modules will not be put to waste. I am very happy to have known many new friends in this module. I would like to thank you all for the encouragements and support through the whole course, and our senior lecturer Brad Blackstone for your patience and guidance in us. All in all, the new and closer friendships that I have built, coupled with the effective communication skills that I have acquired, makes this a very fulfilling module!

Sunday, 27 November 2016

 Analytical Reflection - Oral presentation

 My group and I gave a presentation about implementing organic recycling waste compost in SIT on Thursday, November 10, 2016. It was way back, probably about 3 years since I had to do a proper presentation. I was tasked to present the benefits, evaluation and  close the presentation. Firstly, I had to gain everyone’s attention by asking them to answer some questions that I had prepared. Also the PowerPoint slides shown was either in a few bullet points or in pictures. So that I am able to convey the benefits to them rather than reading them off the slides themselves.

Our group had rehearsed a few days before, to ensure that we are confident and familiar of the content. All of us did really well during the presentation, seems that our effort had paid off. After the presentation, I was relieved that I managed to present smoothly and not stuttered during the presentation.

All in all, I am glad that i did fairly well, from this oral presentation it helped me to boost my confidence and also adapt to communicating with audience. Although I am quite satisfied with my presentation, I feel that there is still room for improvements.